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Signature sunglasses with a daring and bold aesthetic

At FLEYE Copenhagen our aim is to create unique eyewear that have a strong designation when it comes to individual style, urban attitude, and fashion forwardness. Our Signature sunglasses are an intuitive exploration of colour, texture and contrasts. Sunglasses designed especially for the niche and avant-garde in eyewear fashion.

All of our sunglasses are made of top quality, tinted or polarized lenses and ensure 100% UV protection.

Framed with nickelfree, hypoallergenic and non toxic materials only. 

… A nordic delight!
— Joan Grady //

Award Winning Design

FLEYE Copenhagen Sunglasses “Fox”


Eyewear by FLEYE Copenhagen has been awarded in a number of prestigious design competitions worldwide for its excellent product design. After opening a new chapter in eyewear design by working with our new state of the art Hard Density Acetate our recent awards are honouring both: the fashionable aesthetic of our FLEYE sunglasses design and its adaptability for a perfect fit. 

“Lively, handmade, impish and apparently sturdy glasses that are adaptable for individual wearers”

  • Jury Statement German Design Award 2019