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Fleye Copenhagen


About us

FLEYE Copenhagen offers a universe of original eyewear that unites unconventional ideas with functional design. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, using innovative solutions and subtle craftsmanship to achieve beautiful design, fit, and quality. In our design we blend urban impulses with classic simplicity.

We work with a philosophy which is grounded in building trust and meaningful relationships with those around us. Founded in 2002 in Denmark out of appreciation for Scandinavian design and culture, we’ve found a global following among those who share our excitement for nordic aesthetics.



About our design

We create eyewear that both compliments and emphasizes the style and personality of the individual. The ability to combine a range of beautiful nuances and unique detailing into a personal and timeless look characterizes our designs. We are driven by curiosity, that is why we are constantly searching new ways to combine materials and colors.

Defining elements behind our glasses are Innovation, uncompromising quality, sublime craftsmanship.