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The ability to combine a range of beautiful nuances and unique detailing into a personal and timeless look characterizes our designs.
Therefore we are using and combining different materials with hypoallergenic qualities like Cellulose Acetate, Titanium and Carbon 


Carbon Fibre

Our carbon frames are constructed with 24 paper thin layers of carbon fibre. A 0,3 mm thin layer of oak, ebony, and peach wood add an exclusive and natural warmth to the raw carbon frames.



It is no secret that we at FLEYE love colour. When we get ideas for specific colour hues and colour combinations, acetate always gives us the opportunity to realise them.

We work with a new state of the Art Acetate: HDCA provides a new playground for eyewear design. Compressed with 13,55 kg per square cm it ensures a new lightness and flexibility - in fact so durable that a frame can be crafted as thin as 1.4mm.


Beta- Titanium

Beta-titanium is far more flexible than ordinary titanium. Frames made of betatitanium are therefore extremely comfortable. Our beta-titanium eyewear is created in a range of different finishes. Highly polished surfaces, matte sandblasted surfaces as well as etching of subtle details and patterns into the frame add a contemporary touch.