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Extremely durable and light

Carbon-wood consists of 24 layer that are only 0,1 mm paper thin. Unique mix of carbon and colored wood

Carbon fibre is a popular material in the production of aircraft, bikes and sailboats because of the unique combination of lightness & strengthIt is a rigid material that is very good at keeping its shape. It therefore lends itself perfectly to creating comfortable durable eyewear frames. Besides being tremendously light and strong, carbon fibre also has a raw & contemporary look that we fell in love with. 

From this perspective Carbon fibre is the main feature of both the design and function of our Carbon frames. 

As the first eyewear brand in the world, we have managed to blend carbon fibre and wood in a sunglasses frame. The front of the frames is constructed with 23 paper thin layers of carbon fibre to which we added flexible titanium temples and acetate tips ensuring optimal comfort for the wearer. A 0.3 mm top layer of wood adds a touch of natural warmth to the raw and cool carbon. 

We have taken this technological design development even further by introducing colored wooden surfaces in the most beautiful color ways. 


Colorful and distinctive

Cellulose Acetate (HDCA)

Hard Density Acetate compresses with 13,55 kg per cm2 of pressure.

So durable that a frame can be crafted as thin as 1,4 mm.

Cellulose Acetate is a natural and hypoallergenic material consisting of recyclable materials such as cotton and paper pulp. It can be created with a highly polished finish, or can be sandblasted to a completely matte finish. Additionally, acetate frames can be formed in any shape while weighing extremely little compared to its volume. These features allow us to get creative with form, pattern design and colour combinations.

We have pushed technology further by introducing a state of the art high-density acetate for ultra-thin, lightweight frames: HDCA. Compressed with 13,55 kg per square cm it ensures a new lightness and flexibility - in fact so durable that a frame can be crafted as thin as 1.4mm.

This new material provides a new playground for eyewear design. It allows us to minimize acetate width and depth, providing a very slim and minimalistic look while retaining its beautiful glow and hues. The compressed Hard Density Acetate makes the eyewear so consistent that a frame can be designed in a multi-layered construction. By combining several different acetates in one frame we can create the most beautiful deep hues, patterns and textures.



Strong and flexible

Beta Titanium

Beta Titanium ensures stability in the front piece. Sheet Titanium gives flexibility to temples pieces

Beta-titanium is far more flexible than ordinary titanium. Frames made of beta-titanium are therefore extremely comfortable. By using Block Titanium int he front we can ensure stability in your frame. Sheet titanium used in the side pieces gives flexibility for a perfect fit.

Our beta-titanium frames are characterized by beautiful detailed work and exquisite craftsmanship. We have put great effort into optimizing the quality and function of our hypoallergenic beta-titanium frames. Many beta-titanium designs are further characterized by a specially designed adjustable beta-titanium wire which holds the nose pads as well as flexible beta-titanium temples for comfort and ease of adjustment of the frames. 

Our beta-titanium eyewear is created in a range of different finishes. Highly polished surfaces, matte sandblasted surfaces as well as etching of subtle details and patterns into the frame add a contemporary touch. We use a special coating (PVD physical vapor deposition) that  creates color through simple light refraction. Using this technique we can ensure durable colors that don’t scratch or tarnish.