"Elements of Art"

FLEYE Copenhagen presents the second part of "Elements of Art" with new eyewear styles at the intersection between old and new, light and dark, and design and art.

Our collection “Elements of Art” is a tribute to the Danish museum; Thorvaldsens Museum - the first of its kind in Denmark. The characteristic museum was built to exhibit the extensive life’s work of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) and offers outstanding experiences in art and architecture. 

A trip to Thorvaldsens Museum led to the inspiration process for our new collection, where FLEYE Copenhagen’s design team sought to combine elements of architecture and art of the museum. The designers created soap in various forms, colors and patterns from Thorvaldsens Museum. 

Afterwards the geometrical blocks of soap were stacked on top of each other, creating art sculptures and visions for the new designs. 

The fascinating, almost graphical art sculptures inspired the designs in the “Elements of Art” collection. The solid block colors and intriguing patterns from the museum has been directly transferred to new colorways and engravings in the eyewear designs, as well as patterns and transparency created by light reflections. Each frame is the intersection of craft and art and represent our vision for modern designs crafted to last.  

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