"silent noise"

FLEYE Copenhagen presents the Silent Noise collection, reinterpreting the universe of silent movies and the fact that you can tell a story without the use of words.

Our collection “Silent Noise” is a tribute to the Danish silent movie actress Asta Nielsen. Asta Nielsen was one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1910’s and one of the first international movie stars. She grew up under cramped conditions but rose from the dust and became one of the best paid actresses in the world. 

A trip down memory lane to the post-war era led to the inspiration process for our new collection, where the idea was to visualize Asta Nielsen and the diva lifestyle she lived for many years. 

Therefore, they began experimenting with shattered glass, pearls and feathers. The movement of the different elements created beautiful shadows and light reflectance. These shadows and reflections were transferred into the new patterns in the new designs. 


The color combination for the Silent Noise collection is based on old Asta Nielsen movie posters. The posters were full of color and attitude, which inspired the design team to create an expressive color palette. 

The 14 new designs in the Silent Noise collection includes four new acetate frames in beautiful colors, which has a direct link to the movie posters. Seven new carbon/ wood frames that takes extravagance and coolness to a whole other level and three new beta-titanium frames with sleek details, yet still expressive colors. All frames are representing Asta Nielsen and her ability to create an expressive universe without the use of words.