An Innovative mix of materials in one frame 

It’s a fine balance of opposites. Super strong, ultra-light, carbon fiber vs. the organic textures of natural wood. Our carbon wood frames consist of 23 layers of carbon fiber and 1 layer of natural wood. The many woven layers of carbon fiber ensure a strong and light frame that keeps its shape. Carbon fiber is a popular material in the production of aircraft, bikes and sailboats because of the unique combination of lightness and strength. 

It therefore lends itself perfectly to creating comfortable durable eyewear frames. A 0,3 mm thin layer of wood adds an exclusive and natural warmth to the raw carbon frames. We have taken this development even further and introduced carbon frames with colored wooden surfaces.

Our current designs in raw woven carbon fiber and natural wooden structures are combined with the most beautiful colorways of Indigo Blue, Maroon Wood, Majestic Purple and Velvet Black.