Beautiful color hues and patterns create distinctive looks    

Acetate can be made in a multitude of colors, offering the chance to create distinctively expressive eyewear.

FLEYE’s acetate frames are made of HDCA (Hard Density Cellulose Acetate) - a special, compressed acetate for ultra-thin, lightweight frames. This new material allows us to minimize acetate width and depth, providing a very slim and minimalistic look while retaining its beautiful glow and hues.  Acetate frames can be created with a highly polished finish, or can be sandblasted to a completely matte finish. Additionally, acetate frames can be formed in any shape while weighing extremely little compared to its volume. These features allow us to get creative with form, pattern design and color combinations. 

Acetate is a natural and hypoallergenic material consisting of organic materials such as cotton and paper pulp. Our acetate frames are manufactured using a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. It requires great precision to create the beautiful colors and unique patterns that characterize the acetate frames.