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Fleye Copenhagen creates eyewear with an appreciation of Scandinavian culture. Our design is closely aligned with our Danish heritage featuring a modern twist. For our latest campaigns we have taken inspirations from Danish icons such as Smørrebrød and Flora Danica which led us to the shapes and colors of our seasonal collections.



This season we are introducing the second part of our "Flowers of Denmark" campaign. The ice blocks that were capturing the frozen flora in AW18 have melted and the flowers have given space for a soft float under water. These floral portraits, with their stunning magnifying and color intensifying effects, led to the new shapes and colors of the Spring and Summer collection 2019. This season we are introducing an impressive collection with colorful new patterns, flower related engravings and strong shapes that subtly resembles the floating leaves and petals.



AW 2018/19

Closely aligned with our Danish heritage, our latest campaign led us to the abundant Danish flora. Our “Flowers of Denmark,” captured and photographed in melting ice blocks, provided inspiration for the dense colors and a number of wild patterned acetates for Autumn and Winter 2018/19. In the frame design we have focussed on solid and clean shapes. The melting ice cubes, with a cracked surface and layered edges, is referenced in a new-layered bottom line of acetate frames that gives a bold yet light shape. The titanium frames feature new dense color combinations highlighting a colored inner rim.



SS 2018

Using the imaginative colours, textures, and layerings found in classic Danish smørrebrød, we have been introducing the second part of our smørrebrød campaign dedicated to Scandinavian food culture. Playing with the layers and colors within this smørrebrød framework, we took it a step further by layering the levels on top of each other as well as inside of each other. This new aesthetic helped us achieve an interesting ‘frame within a frame’ impression working with beta-titanium. The acetate frames show a new layering, and our carbon frames feature more characteristic shapes which we have put in contrast with bright fashion lenses to lighten the look.




The AW17 collection was dedicated to Scandinavian food culture, intended to inspire with the colors, textures, and layerings of Danish smørrebrød. Our intention was to create small art pieces inspired by the traditional smørrebrød. Focusing on the layered construction of this iconic open sandwich as our inspiration allowed us to play with these layers, mixing solid and transparent acetate plates and creating delicate color combinations and shapes that are both modern and sophisticated.